Yin and Yang balance in your home

Yin and Yang are the two cosmic forces which represent the masculine and feminine, but they are the opposing forces but cannot exist without each other. Yin is cold, very quiet and dark, while yang energy is warm, vibrant, active and alive. Even in your home, a balance of yin and yang energy should be created. Too much yin (quiet, dark place) might make you feel depressed with no energy or happiness. We will not feel like socializing and even be a little lonely. In many cases, our fate is also affected negatively if yin is the predominant energy. Even the weather can play a role, if it gets too cold or rainy and dreary. Thus, we should not wait for good weather to return but make efforts to balance it out. On the other hand, too much yang (stress, loud music, talking etc.) will create internal tensions. This is common because throughout the day, we replenish our internal yang energy automatically with only physical activity (e.g walking, going to work or the gym). Too much of yang will then make us yearn for more yin activity(e.g quiet time alone at home). If you can balance these cosmic forces, good fortune will improve dramatically.

These are two quick tips to improve yin yang balance in your home:

Tip 1: If a room in your house is too yin, meaning if there is no natural light and is very quiet and then introduce more yang energy by introducing light and sound. You can add bright lighting and play some music or turn on the television. Pets are also great sources of yang energy in any room of the house.

Tip 2: If the room is too yang, meaning too bright and full of too much sunlight, for instance, then use curtains or blinds to lower the tone of things. Try using fabrics and colour to help achieve the balance you need.